ctlogoCre@tive technologies is a small and dynamic IT consultancy which specialises in providing cost effective, suitable solutions to your exact requirements. We do not pick the most complicated, most expensive "all singing and dancing" products where cheaper, simpler products will better fullfill a customers needs.

computer-repairWe work across many business sectors, from sole traders to large, multi-site corporations; however many of our products and solutions are aimed at enabling smaller companies to function and manage their processes in such a manner to give them the advantages of a larger company without the large expenses.

We are able to design, maintain and host your company website; provide multiple email addresses (including mobile and remote access); manage your systems, computers (including photocopiers, telephones and other communication systems) and internet connectivity; recommend, install & manage your software applications and also consult on expansion or upgrade projects.

All these services are available as one-offs or in a package tailored to your exact requirements. For more information, please contact us.